Hello, I'm Guillaume Gennet, a French illustrator based in Paris. After 10 years as a freelance graphic designer and art director, I have decided to focus my work on vector illustrations. I like geometry and shapes, and I'm always enthusiast to create new pictures for all kinds of commissions.
Guillaume Gennet

// Worldwide representation
Lemonade Illustration Agency

// Selected Agencies
Havas • BETC • Publicis Consultants • Carré noir • W&Cie • Spécifique • Citizen Press • Because

// Selected Clients
SNCF • Canal+ • Peugeot • Disney • Air France • Pages Jaunes • Mairie de Paris • EDF • BEL • APEC • Saint-Gobain • HEC • Carrefour

Guillaume Gennet | Voskan
Guillaume Gennet • Vector illustration
Guillaume Gennet • Vector illustration
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About This Project

// Personal work